When learning to work with fondant a basic bow is one of the first things you learn. Not only because it is simple to make but it also looks very pretty on cakes.

You can really jazz up this bow with polka dots like I did for the Minnie mouse cake or make a two toned bow with different color for the top and the bottom layer of the “ribbon” or you can emboss a pattern on it. The variations are limitless. So after trying the basic bow and the polka dots version I wanted to make a striped bow. I tried to use the same logic that we use for polka dots – Roll out 2 different colored fondant, cut one into stripes and place it neatly on top of the other fondant and lightly roll out. But it does not give the perfect straight stripes. I found another way to do this on you tube. It works just great. In this post I am going to share how I make a striped fondant bow to get the perfect stripes.  It is super easy esp if you want to work in large batches.

Materials you will need:

  1. Fondant in 2 different colors + Tylose powder mixed OR 50-50 fondant – gum paste mix. I like to use tylose in fondant.
  2. Your basic fondant rolling tools – rolling mat , rolling pin, pizza cutter, pairing knife.
  3. Big ruler


  1. Roll out your fondant to the thickness that you want your stripes to be. Try rolling it into rectangle to reduce the wastage. Then cut rectangles of equal dimensions on both the fondants. The length of this rectangle should be close to how long you want the bow loop to be. (Bigger bows need longer rectangles).20170720_141325_HDR-Edit-120170720_141351_HDR-Edit-1
  2. Now place one layer of fondant and apply a very thin layer of water (You do not want weeping colors. So use sparingly.) Place a second piece of fondant in another color on top of the first one. Repeat this process till you have used all the layers. Remember the height that you get with these layers is going to be the maximum width of the bow. So if you want bigger bows, you need it very tall.20170720_141804_HDR-Edit-120170720_142003_HDR-Edit-2
  3. Wrap this up in plastic wrap and put it into the refrigerator to harden a bit. I let it sit for about 10-15 mins.
  4. Once you remove it from the fridge, trim one long edge of the structure with the help of a pairing knife and ruler to remove the unfinished edges. Use sawing motion to cut. Once you have sharp edge, cut another piece in the same way with a width of about 1/4″ (or wider if you are going to roll it out longer after cutting).20170720_145033_HDR-Edit-1
  5. Place the striped piece and start rolling it length wise. Roll it very lightly without disturbing the stripes. Once this is done you are all set to design the bow that you like. 20170720_145330_HDR-Edit-2


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