Cake Au Lait

I have a special inclination towards coffee flavored desserts and I love to use elements from popular coffee drinks in my cakes. Just like this one. This cake has many flavors that complement each other. Vanilla.. chocolate…. cookies…. coffee and whipped cream. Take one bite  of this cake and it is just like enjoying a cup of “cafe au lait” with some chocolate chip cookies (Yes I added a surprise crunch in it! )

I once saw on youtube Yo bake a coffee cake for fathers day. Long pending in my to do list, I finally found an opportunity to make this cake for a friends birthday.

For this cake I decided to go with both chocolate and vanilla cake layers. All chocolate layers would have tasted more like mocha. So the construction of the cake went like this – Vanilla cake as bottom layer -> coffee buttercream -> small pieces of kitkat spread on the top -> Chocolate cake as middle layer -> some more coffee buttercream -> chocolate chip cookie crumbles -> vanilla cake as top layer. On the outside I used chocolate buttercream, coffee buttercream and vanilla buttercream on the sides and a dollop of whipped cream on the top and dust of cocoa powder for the finish.

P.S: Leave me a comment below if you would like a post with the recipes for this cake.

Whipped cream on cake au lait-3

Cake Au Lait -2-2

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