My daughter turned 3 this month and she wanted a Cinderella doll cake on her birthday.  And honestly I do not like doll cakes. They all look very templated. So when I got to know I have to make one I started designing variations of this cake in my mind hoping to come up with something new. Now when it is just a doll cake, you can play with the dress style to give it a modern look but when it is princess doll cake you have very little room for changes. Sigh!

It was however a fun project and it definitely opened my mind to make more doll cakes in future.

I wanted 40+ servings at the party and a simple doll cake wouldn’t have been enough. One way to do it was to add more cake by ballooning the doll dress which I feel looks unreal (and funny). So I made a 2 tiered cake instead.

Top tier – Doll cake

This was my first doll cake and I have limited experience with carving cakes. So instead of experimenting with flavors I decided to work with chocolate cake (recipe same as chocolate mint cupcake) with vanilla buttercream. I measured the height of the doll up to her waist and calculated the size and number of chocolate cakes. I made 4 6″ inch round cakes and 1 5″ round cake which each cake about 1.25″ tall. For the stacking and carving bit I used some tips and tricks from this video on youtube.

I prefer working with buttercream to cover the cakes but to achieve the flowing dress effect I had to go for fondant on this one. I make fondant at home, both gelatin and vegan version. You can find my recipe for homemade gelatin fondant here. I dyed some fondant using Americolor gels – Royal blue and sky blue. Then using the same youtube video as above I worked on the fondant frills and dress. I could not achieve the perfect finish but it was good enough for me. I also used some generous amount of silver luster dust to get a shimmery effect on the dress.

Cinderella Doll Cake

Bottom tier cake

For this cake I chose cookies and cream cake with crunchy oreo cookie crumbles added to the white cake batter, fine cookie crumbles added to the vanilla buttercream for the filling and plain vanilla buttercream for the icing.

Cake Board

Overall my cake had just 3 colors – Light blue, dark blue and white. So a silver cake board would not look pretty. The bottom tier cake which was going to rest on top of the board was white so I used the blue shades of fondant to cover the cake board. And yes it was square board not the usual round one.


Since the top tier was so elaborate I wanted to keep the bottom tier cake simple with only few theme related decorations. For the center I used a cookie plaque cutter on the dark blue fondant and let it dry for couple of hours. Then using silver highlighter and a fine point brush I wrote the birthday girls name on this plaque. I cut 2 white butterflies using cookie cutter and let it dry by resting the wing portion on some rolled tissue paper. That way those butterflies wont stay flat on the cake. After they dried I colored them using the silver highlighter dust to give it a magical touch. The clock is such an integral part of Cinderella story (and so easy to make 🙂 ). So I cut some white fondant with round cookie cutter and using black food pen made a clock out of it. I also wanted to make a pumpkin but orange wouldn’t go so well with the other colors and I can’t make a pumpkin blue or white. So I didn’t make one.



I had not thought through the assembly of this cake and I had decided to wing it. I placed my bottom tier on the square cake drum board and put some chocolate pearls on the bottom edge. All good so far.  Then I placed 4 dowels on the bottom tier and placed the doll cake on it such that the back of her dress was long the edge of the bottom cake. Then using more vanilla buttercream I covered the cake board of the doll cake.

Cinderella doll cake was ready! My daughter was in awe when she saw it. At the party we cut the bottom tier as birthday cut but she refused to eat that piece. She wanted her Cinderella cake. So I helped her cut and eat a piece of the doll cake. My happy princess!






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