I love naked cakes. Why? They are not slathered with buttercream from outside and hence its sweetness doesn’t over power the flavor of the cake. And isn’t this the perfect way to showcase the ombré effect of the cake layers?

When I first thought of making this cake, Mothers day was round the corner.  So I decided to make this cake pink and decorate it with real flowers. This cake is dedicated to my mother (who could not eat this because we live miles apart!).

To make an ombré or any cake with a bright color it is always best to start with a white cake recipe (White cake recipes usually omit the egg yolks to avoid giving that yellow tinge to the cake). I divided the batter into 3 parts and used Americolor Electric Pink to color the cake in 3 different shades. When the cakes came out of the oven they had this beautiful pink color.

I am in love with Electric Pink from Americolor!

I removed the carmelization from the sides so that my cake shows nice ombré effect and not have those brown crumbs peeking through. The rest was pretty easy –  Simple syrup the cake, pipe a dam on the outer edge so that it looks neat (I didn’t really do this step but I will certainly do this next time) , fill some vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream between the layers and build this tall cake. This tall cake doesn’t need any dowels.

I brought some fresh flowers and clipped their stems to about 3″. Now my flowers were not naturally toxic but who knows what pesticides have been used on them. It is best to reduce the contact points between the flowers/stems  and the cake/buttercream. So I inserted the flower stems into drinking straws and inserted those straws the way I wanted it.

Naked cake - Flower insert - 680 px

And there you go… the cake is ready!!

Naked cake - Ombre effect - 350px

This cake looks so elegant and perfect for mother’s day. I wish my mom could eat this cake but since she couldn’t her granddaughter did the honors of cutting and eating the cake.

I would love to hear your feedback about this cake. So don’t forget to leave a comment below and subscribe to my website.

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