Around the end of March, I got an order to bake a cake for a party and my friend (who was the one ordering ) did not have any particular flavor or theme in mind.

As the outside temperature starts rising, I start getting cravings for tropical flavors – Mango, Pineapple, Coconut.

So naturally I suggested we make a beach cake with tropical flavors. He liked the idea. Yay!

I decided to go with the Pina-colada flavor –  Pineapple and Coconut (had to skip rum). I baked my usual white cake with a tint of yellow color. I didn’t add any pineapple flavor to the cake batter while baking. Instead I infused the simple syrup with lots of fresh pineapple juice and used that to moisten the cake. For the cake filling, I mixed pineapple preserves with some vanilla buttercream. I like it when you get small bits of fruit when you are eating the cake.

For the coconut flavor I added coconut extract to the buttercream and used that to crumb coat the cake. Since it was a beach cake I had to show the sandy beach as well as the sea. I randomly divided the cake into 2 parts. In the part where I decided to make sandy beach I iced the cake with coconut buttercream. For the sand, I crushed bits of graham cookies, some oreos, some digestives , mixed in some brown sugar and dusted that on top and sides of the cake. For the sea, I dyed the buttercream blue. It is so difficult to get the bright blue color for the water. Every color I used gave a grayish tone to it. In the end after adding all possible colors I managed to get the right shade. (I still don’t know what I did. I might do it again and create a reference chart for sure). I used this blue buttercream and gave sea wave effects when icing the cake.

This cake is so fun to make because the number of decorations you can add are endless.

Now you can get these in non edible form at many cake stores but who wants to remove these before eating the cake? Plus kids enjoy eating them more than the cake. I decided to use fondant umbrella, ball/bucket , beach towels, palm trees and boats. I found a tutorial to make beach umbrellas. Nice and easy! For the palm tree, I used a pirouline ,wrapped it with brown fondant and colored it in dark brown. For the leaves I used green gumpaste cut in the shape of leaves. It looked very nice but it fell down when I was arranging it on top of the pirouline trunk. And this happened on the day I was supposed to deliver the cake. I was very sad and since I couldn’t make another one I had to use green craft paper 😦

Beach cake - Top view - 680 px

I made rest of the decorations and put them on the cake. It looked beautiful but the sides of the cake looked very plain. So i cut out few fishes and arranged them on the ‘sea’ side of the cake. I found a candy mold for sea shells at Micheals. I decided to use that. Instead of using plain white candy melts, I melted white as well as chocolate candy melts and half mixed them (Did not incorporate it completely). This gave the sea shells a 2 color effect. I used those on both the ‘sea’ side as well as the ‘beach’ side of the cake.

Beach cake - side view- 680 px

I would love to hear your feedback about this cake. So don’t forget to leave a comment below and subscribe to my website.



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