About Me

Those who know me from my college days would never imagine me wearing an apron and those who know me from recent years can’t imagine me without one. My passion for baking is pretty new but it has quickly taken over my creative mind.

So what made a person who hated being in kitchen suddenly start baking? Love for eating home-made cakes and cookies!

I was born and brought up in India where cakes were only meant for birthdays and (back then) only available in a small bakery at the corner. There is this thing about bakery cakes –  I don’t trust the ingredients they use. Being a “connoisseur” for cakes I would hate eating those. My mother is an excellent cook and she would make yummy cakes on my birthdays. After moving away for college or job I would still yearn for those home made goodies. I think thats what made me bake my very first cake.

And then I never stopped. I kept baking and decorating cakes for friends and family. And here I am. Writing blogs to share the baked goodies I have made so far , sharing some tips and experiences for you and also taking small orders if anyone wants me to bake a cake for them.

I am a self-taught happy baker who loves to design a cake, bake it and then eat it  and/or share it 🙂

I am not a cake decorator by profession (atleast not full time. I do take orders ). In my journey of baking my biggest critics and supporters have been  my husband, my little daughter ( the 2 year old helper in the kitchen and “sugar” monster) and all my lovely friends. I do hope you will like all my creations and subscribe to my website.