In old days, a cake or any baked product for that matter always had some key ingredients: Sugar, flour, eggs, butter/oil. So anyone allergic to these or who did not consume these ingredients would miss all the yummy goodies.  But now the science of baking has developed so much that you have gluten free, fat free, egg free, vegan recipes. Like this one in the pic – Vegan chocolate cake using flax seeds to replace eggs and the less sweeter version of American buttercream.

Chocolate-strawberry-cake- Egg-free-version-1
Chocolate strawberry cake – Egg free version

Chocolate and strawberry is a match made in heaven. Dark chocolate with sweet strawberry! Simply divine.

I love one bowl chocolate cakes. They are so easy to make and do not leave behind a huge pile of utensils to wash.  I was only happy that I could use the same method for the vegan chocolate cake too 🙂

I am a die hard fan of Swiss Meringue Buttercream (contains egg whites) which is super light yet super creamy and definitely less sweet. This is my preferred choice of buttercream when adding dairy and eggs is not an issue. But I was happy with this recipe that I tried for egg free version (It does contain dairy). It was not tooth aching sweet like a typical American buttercream and it did not crust.

For this cake I wanted to use strawberry buttercream. Unlike my SMBC (Swiss Meringue buttercream) this “American Buttercream” didn’t look stiff enough. I did not want to make it soupy by adding strawberry puree. So I began searching on the internet for some possible options and sure enough I found it – Freeze dried fruits. All you need to do is process them into fine powder and then add it to the buttercream. The best thing is that since it is not gel or liquid based it wont affect the consistency of the buttercream and yet give a strong flavor. To this strawberry buttercream I added few drops of pink color. I loved it so much that I plan to use it for SMBC too.

Assembling the cake was business as usual – level the cakes, simple syrup them, fill them with some buttercream, crumb coat , chill, final layer of buttercream , smoothing the buttercream. Phew! For the finishing touches I added rosettes using Wilton 1M star tip and leaf using Wilton #69 tip and some random dot effects on the sides of the cake.

Chocolate-strawberry-cake- Egg-free-version-5
The rosettes and the leaf
Chocolate-strawberry-cake- Egg-free-version-4
Top view of the cake

P.S: I will soon be sharing my recipe for chocolate cake (Vegan and the egg version). Stay tuned!

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