I am a ‘Chai’ person. My perfect morning starts with strong cup of chai infused with lots of ginger. A total ‘Tapri’ (roadside tea stall) chai fan! Coffee to me is limited to starbucks when travelling. Yet desserts with coffee in it are my absolute favorites. Thinking of Tiramisu!!!!

I have been thinking of making coffee flavored cupcakes for a long time but since most of the time I bake for kids, it has always been off limits. Then one day I decided to bake for office colleagues and everyone in the office needs a caffeine fix during afternoons. Nothing can beat a bite size coffee/espresso cupcake for this. So I chose 2 combinations from Starbucks menu – Vanilla Latte and Chocolate mocha!

Vanilla latte and chocolate mocha cupcakes

To work on Vanilla Latte cupcakes, I decided to bake coffee flavored cake and top it up with vanilla bean buttercream (SMBC). For making this I adapted a recipe from here and whipped up my regular SMBC buttercream with vanilla bean instead of vanilla extract.


I love working with vanilla beans. Those black speckles look gorgeous and it has a very bold flavor. Plus it is quite a time saver as compared to scrapping those vanilla bean seeds. Last week I found out that vanilla bean paste is not alcohol based like any normal extract. So yay! to vanilla bean paste 🙂

I have been on vanilla bean paste spree. I use it whenever I can including this buttercream on mango cupcakes. Look at those lovely black dots in the picture below!


For chocolate mocha cupcakes I decided to make egg free version and chose vegan chocolate – coffee cupcake  and infused regular american buttercream with instant coffee. You can find my recipe for this cupcake here.


Did I mention that I baked these into mini cupcakes? It is my favorite dessert size. You get the quick sugar and caffeine fix and you are still guilt free because 2 bites is all it has.

Which is your favorite coffee flavor?


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