Adapted from the Minnie Mouse cake design from “The Cake Blog“. This cake was made for my little darling on her 2nd birthday.

Have you heard about the Neapolitan style cake? This cake has 3 layers – Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.  That means 3 unique flavors when you take a bite.  And it also means baking 3 different flavors ( 2 tiered cake…. 6 layers to be baked!)  And it wasn’t just the cake but the buttercream was also to be made in 2 batches – Vanilla for bottom tier and Strawberry for the top tier. I was pretty much in the kitchen the whole day working on this cake and also working on the last minute party planning. I should have baked the cake one day in advance.

So I bake 6 layers of cake, make the basic buttercream (SMBC.. my all time favorite). When preparing the strawberry buttercream I ran out of pink color. Off i go to Micheals to buy some more and in haste i pick up burgundy color.. grrrr… and by the time I realize that all the stores were closed. I had to use whatever colors I had in hand. I wanted a bright pink color (like the fondant bow polkas) but I had to settle for this dull pink (is it pink?).

I had bought Minnie mouse cookie cutter from amazon using which I made multiple black cutouts for the bottom tier. It was my first time with rolled fondant decorations. I think I rolled it too thin. So some of them broke the next day after they dried and some of them vanished ( in the tummy of the 2 year old sugar monster). So I made them again :(. I also cut out 2 big circles of black fondant for the ears on the top tier. Next I had to make a bow and the Minnie mouse bow looks best with polka dots on it. I used the tutorial I found here to make the big bow for the top tier and the small bows for the cutouts. My fondant decorations were ready to be used.

The little birthday mouse was all excited to see the cake and it was a true centerpiece at the party.

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